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Kateryna Lebedynska is an award-winning photoshop expert based in Orlando. Her work appears internationally in magazines, brand and celebrity campaigns. Red-haired girl with a great sense of humor 🙂

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TOP RATED PLUS Upwork Artist (with 100% Job Success Score)
17 Guru’s Picks & 2 Daily Deviations
Rolling Stone magazine feature

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Whether you are an individual or business, I have 7+ years of valuable experience assisting people with their image editing needs. Here is a short list of my qualifications to help you:


From simple retouching like removing acne, to complex retouching like body shaping.


From simple manipulation like removing objects, to creating complex artworks.


From simple color grading for eCommerce, to creative color grading for top brands.


Online post-processing & editing courses and private lessons for any skill level.

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I am an expert with Photoshop, and have handled projects ranging from simple eCommerce retouching to complex beauty and high-end retouching and photo manipulation for top brands and celebrities. I am a perfectionist when it comes to photo editing, and I never send out a project I'm not proud of. Reputation is everything and great retouching is my passion.
Photo Retouching is an art for me and it is my passion to challenge into as many different cases as I can. I LOVE the time I get to spend making creative concepts, color grading, and retouching photos. I even do it in my free time as personal projects that I can share with my followers. I am always happy to turn creative ideas into a finished product people will love.
Pro Equipment
As for me, every person, who asks for professional Photoshop services expect to receive only the best in quality editing. This is why I use up-to-date equipment and software for all my work. In October 2019, I updated my equipment to ultra-modern laptop with 4K UHD display (100% Adobe® RGB gamut, PANTONE® Validated color fidelity, and color accuracy of Delta E less than 2).

Current hourly rate: $100.00 per hour

Photo retouching service cost depends on photo complexity and your retouching requirements. I can give fixed-price quotes on most things, if the time involved is reasonably predictable. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me via the contact form on the bottom of this page. Be sure to attach your image files and include your retouching requirements so I can check them and let you know my exact time and price.

Ecommerce Photo Retouching

Background removal, color match, invisible mannequin, improving shape and symmetry, adding shadow effects. Approx. 40 min - 2 hours per 1 photo

High-End Retouching

Color grading, body transformation, detailed hair, eyes, skin, makeup, smile, and environmental retouching. Approx. 1.5 - 5 hours per 1 photo

Photo Manipulation

Photo compositing, removal, adding, replacing objects or people, body transformation, changing background. Approx. from 2 hours per 1 artwork

Headshot Retouching

Color grading, skin imperfections (acne, scars) removal, stray hair fixing, teeth whitening, braces removing. Approx. 50 min - 1.5 hours per 1 photo

Wedding Photo Retouching

Color grading, body transformation, detailed hair, eyes, skin, makeup, smile, and environmental retouching. Approx. 1 - 2.5 hours per 1 photo

Instagram Photo Retouching

Color grading, skin imperfections removal, stray hair fixing, teeth whitening. Max. photo width - 1080 px. Approx. from 30 minutes per 1 photo
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